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Quilting Service by Judith

Have a quilt top that you need quilted? Call Judith at 864-502-3004. Judith will quilt it for you using a longarm quilting machine at her new location --Sew It Goes Quilt Shop. She is in the stores Mondays and Tuesdays for quilt tops to be brought in to be quilted.

Visit Judith's store, Sew it Goes, at 166 East Main in Pendleton South Carolina or online at

For all over designs
Size  Quilting Rates  Binding
36" x 56"  $50 - $65
56" x 78"  $70 - $85
78" x 84"  $80 - $100
84" x 92"  $90 - $100
92" x 102"  $100 - $110
102" x 120"  $110 - $120  $60

- $10 charge for putting backing together
- $10 charge for pressing
- $  5 charge for thread color changes

- All pieces should be starched and pressed before being brought in
- The pieces do not need to be layered together
- Please do not bring in sheets or flannel for backing
- 20% discount on warm and natural cotton batting if purchased in store
- Backing and batting should measure 4 inches longer on all sides. I do not measure the backing and batting so please make sure they are the correct measurements
*Stippling prices will be quoted when the quilt is looked at
Sew it Goes Quilt Shop
166 East Main
Pendleton SC 29670


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